Injury During Match/Training Policy

No matter how hard we try to ensure our players remain safe during a game, football is a physical sport and injuries will occur.

It is very difficult to come up with an exact procedure to follow as no two incidents will be the same, and different players will react in different ways. As a club we will support all managers with the decisions they feel are appropriate at the time, however the points below are designed to help managers if a player experiences a serious injury.

  1. Follow your first aid training and ensure the player is kept warm and still until it is safe to move them.
  2. If the team has 2 managers then one will look after the injured player, the other will ensure the rest of the team are ok.
  3. If there is only one manager attached to a team then the Welfare Officer/ Respect Ambassador will look after the team. Failing that the Manager will appoint a parent.
  4. All footballs will be put away and all players led off the pitch. The Ambulance crew will not enter the field of play if there are any footballs being kicked about.
  5. Someone will need to meet the Ambulance Crew and ensure a pathway is cleared to allow them on to the pitch. This may mean getting parents to move their cars from the car park space to enable the Ambulance to get closer.
  6. Keep the opposing manager updated as their players may too be upset, ensure they know about point 4 above.
  7. If a manager feels it appropriate to abandon the game the club will fully support that decision, and any fines occurred will be covered.
  8. A game should only be abandoned if the injury is bad, or the delay excessive, 30 minutes or more as a guideline.
  9. The referee and opposing Manager should be consulted before putting point 7 into action.